Look through the eyes of your consumer
with 3Sixty

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Why use 3Sixty ?



3Sixty brings real-time results and conversations to you, wherever you are



Enter the life of the consumer and see life through their eyes



Communicate with your consumers through personal and group messages

What does 3Sixty look like ?

The App

The App

  • Allow consumers to report their behaviour, experiences and brand interactions in the moment
  • Probe for more insights with one-on-one conversations with your consumer
  • You are the master of your consumer forum. Group consumers into like-minded groups
  • Validate and ask spontaneous short surveys during fieldwork
The Wall

The Wall

  • This is where we collect all the experiences/moments registered by your consumer
  • The wall gets updated instantly allowing real-time tracking of your consumers
  • View and listen to uploaded pictures, videos and audio clips
  • Filter on different parameters to identify different target groups
  • All data can be exported into Excel for further analysis
The Group Discussion

The Group Discussion

  • Isolate consumers with the same interest, profile or location and create a 3Sixty mini-community
  • Actively engage the group with queries to give their opinion on
  • Or sit back and observe the interactions between like-minded consumers
The Questionnaire

The Questionnaire

  • Ask additional adhoc questions that are not covered in the experience questionnaire
  • Validate findings from the personal and group messages
  • Let consumers evaluate adverts and marketing material
The Analysis

The Analysis

  • Allows you to quickly create cross-tab graphs in real-time
  • Filter on questions asked or demographic parameters to identify different segments within your target group
  • Download all data to Excel to delve into the data and run advanced analytics
Geo Location Tracking

Geo Location Tracking

  • Locate your consumers based on their longitude / latitude coordinates
Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

  • Identify the exact products your consumers buy / do not buy while shopping


In the moment research

  • Immerse


    Look through the eyes of the consumer

    Experience the reality of daily life

    Understand emotional & rational reasons for decisions

    Quality quantitative & qualitative messages

  • Immediate


    Real-time results

    More accurate with in-the-moment answers instead of relying on memory

    Live access to results constantly

    Customize surveys based on feedback

  • Interactive


    On the spot engagement

    Probe instantly for hidden nuances

    Create interactive group chats amongst consumers

    Instant message notifications for the consumer

How can 3Sixty help you ?

Here are some of the 3Sixty Research Solutions

  • Watch with Me

    Watch with Me

    Interact at the point of consumption, 'gamify' the experience & create unique brand impact
  • Campaign Evaluation

    Campaign Evaluation

    Identify the effect of your marketing campaign across touchpoints
  • Shopper Experience

    Shopper Experience

    Observe & interact with consumers to better understand shopping behaviour
  • Consumption Diary

    Consumption Diary

    Discover patterns, habits & triggers for consumption moments
  • In-Home Usage Test

    In-Home Usage Test

    Capture in-home interactions with products in real-time
  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

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